Life can be tough on our bodies. With a world of long hours at the computer, training hard, financial stress or working long days, our bodies can take the brunt targeting our vulnerable musculoskeletal system. From low backpain to headaches, our quality of life can be affected in varying degrees from just a couple of days of pain to debilitating migraines. At Bulimba Chiropractic we want to help you get the most out of your life by helping you manage and reduce your pain.

Treatment with us aims at looking at your whole-self and how we can improve function of your spine but most importantly how to help your body adapt to the stresses of our lifestyle. We use the gentlest and most researched techniques and tailor your treatment to your comfort and needs.


Location: conveniently located on Oxford Street with plenty of rear parking

Online booking: for your convenience we offer 24 hour booking and self- cancellation/reschedule service
Longer consultation times: to allow you achieve the best out of your care we offer short and long consultation times
Patient centred care: we put you first and not our business schedule.

Child friendly treatment room: we know its sometimes difficult to attend appointments with young children so we have a small kids area set up so you can relax and get the treatment you need and deserve

Low force treatment options: we know that some patients don’t like manipulation so we can tailor your treatment to your needs and comfort by offering low force treatment options such as activator methods, drop piece adjusting or cranial suture massage

Hicaps Go: online health fund claiming at your appointment. All you need to do is download the app, which will be sent to you phone when you book your appointment.

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Niki McGuinness

Niki McGuinness

Niki McGuinness has been a Chiropractor for over 8 years and a Registered Nurse for nearly 16 years. In her 20’s she experienced a nurse related back injury and was rendered unable to work for 6 months. After months of Physio, Massage, Back Rehabilitation programs and Occupational Health appointments she decided to have a break from clinical nursing and return to London to work as a flight nurse. During this time, she found an Australian Chiropractor in Putney, London who changed her whole back pain experience. For the first time in years she felt immediate pain relief, and this sent her on a journey to learn more about Chiropractic, eventually returning to Perth in 2005 to study Chiropractic full time.
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