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Musculoskeletal Care of Children

Muskuloskeletal Care of Children

With the rough and tumble that life brings from kids to the long periods of study at school, it's no wonder that children can complain of neck or back pain from an early age.

At Bulimba Chiropractic, Niki McGuinness has had many years experience in treating children from the newborn to the teenager and she can adapt the treatment options to your child's comfort and need.

Niki suggests that if your child complains of neck pain, back pain or headaches which does not resolve within a few days, it is important you have your child assessed by a qualified health professional.

During your child's initial assessment, Niki will also assess your child from the age of 8 years old, for the development of scoliosis. This is especially important if you have scioliosis in your family as early referral to the appropriate team is essential, especially if picked up prior to adolescence. Niki follows the evidence based SOSORT guidelines for scoliosis if detected in your child

What conditions can Chiropractic help with

Chiropractic can help with any of the following conditions in Children. Niki uses non manipulative and gentle techniques with your child and often children quite enjoy the attention they receive at their appointment: Niki can assist with the following complaints::

  • Neck pain and headaches
  • Mid or low back pain
  • Knee complaints such as Osgoods Schlatters
  • Ankle or joint instability
  • Dizziness related to the neck

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