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Remedial Massage Therapy

Remedial Massage Therapy differs from general massage therapy as the deep tissue massage is a whole body treatment that also focuses on part of the body that may require rehabilitation. It aims to treat muscles that are tight, tense or immobile resulting in relaxation of the muscles and changes to the imbalances that occur from tight, inflexible muscles. Relaxing these tight muscles can help the body speed up its healing processes and ease pain that may be radiating to other parts of the body. Remedial Massage aims to find the source of the reason for the pain looking at not only the symptoms but the problem that led to the symptoms.

Remedial Massage therapy can help with complaints such as:

  • Tight, inflexible muscles or joints such as hip flexors or gluts
  • Ease discomfort cause by neck, shoulder, or back pain
  • As part of a treatment program for headaches
  • Sporting or overuse injuries
  • Easing symptoms of arthritis and/or chronic pain
  • Help with symptoms of fatigue, anxiety, or depression
  • To help with side effects of cancer such as lymphoedema
  • To help with scar tissue build up after surgery
  • Children’s massages also available

How can Remedial Massage Therapy benefit you?

The benefits from having regular massage therapy treatments can be more than just mechanical, you may see improvement in your sleep and mood.  Other benefits of Remedial Massage Therapy are:

  • Stimulate blood supply to the joins and muscles making them more mobile
  • Assist in the repair of damaged/scar tissue build up after injury
  • Balance, lengthen and tone tension muscles and tendons, restoring correct position
  • Reduction in pain/discomfort

Depending on your health fund essentials policy, Remedial Massage Therapy with our RMT’s at Bodycode may be eligible for health fund rebates. Please contact your health fund directly to establish this before your appointment

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