Pregnancy and Chiropractic


Chiropractic and Pregnancy

Pregnancy can bring an array of musculo-skeletal complaints which will usually just be temporary until baby is delivered. This could be as simple as general thoracic pain and headaches to the debilitating pain of PSD/pelvic pain. At Bulimba Chiropractic, we have a pregnancy table which drops away allowing baby to sit comfortably while you lie on your tummy for your treatment. This also allows Niki to assess your pelvic joints in a neutral position for dysfunction (SIJ, pubic symphysis, sacrum and lumbar spine). Using the gentle activator tool, Niki can release the ligaments around specific areas of the pelvis to encourage muscles to relax, this is turn will assist in reducing pelvic and lumbar pain related to joint movement dysfunction in pregnancy. Conditions that Chiropractic can assist with in Pregnancy are: - pubic symphysis dysfunction - intercostal (rib) pain - lumbar, mid thoracic and neck pain - pregnancy related headaches We are located just off Oxford Street Bulimba with plenty of parking at the rear of the practice. If you would like to book an appointment with us, just simply click the 'book appointment' link or call us today on 0434 059 242.

how can chiropractic help with my pain during pregnancy?

There has been a number of studies looking into the effectiveness of chiropractic care in pregnancy related low back pain and the results look promising for those suffering with pregnancy related back pain. At Bulimba Chiropractic, Niki will use the most gentle forms of treatment. Her treatment table has an abdominal swing away section to prevent any unnecessary pressure on your growing baby. Additionally, Niki uses a pregnancy related exercise program to prescribe specific exercises relative to your complaint, which are safe to do in pregnancy.

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If you would like to book an appointment with us, just click the book appointment link or call/text 0434 059 242.