Jasmine De Wind

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About Jasmine

Jasmine commenced practice as a chiropractor in 2014 after graduating from Murdoch University in Perth. She is passionate about delivering patient-centred care to help patients of all ages optimise their function and meet their goals. Jasmine has experienced the benefits of chiropractic care throughout various stages of her own life, from early childhood, student years, sports and through to pregnancy and motherhood.

Jasmine enjoys finding the right treatment approach for each patient and uses a range of gentle low-force methods to firmer manual techniques. She has a special interest in the close relationship between the jaw, neck and head as well as non-spinal complaints including those associated with elbows, shoulders and hips.

Jasmine utilises a number of treatment methods including

  • NOT (Neural Organisation Technique)
  • SOT (Sacral Occipital Technique)
  • Thompson Technique and drop piece table adjusting
  • Activator and instrument assisted adjusting
  • Soft tissue therapy
  • Diversified spinal and extremity adjusting
  • Active care and rehabilitative exercises