Knee Pain

Knee Pain

What is causing my knee pain?

There are many causes of knee pain and it is important that you have your complaint assessed by a Chiropractor to determine if it is appropriate for conservative care

Often Chiropractor believe that knee complaints are related more so to an intrinsic hip problem so when you present to Bulimba Chiropractic we will do a thorough assessment of your hip and pelvis as well as your knee

Common causes of knee pain are mensicus tear/inflammation, tendinopathy, poor patella tracking and knee osteoarthritis

How can chiropractic help with my knee pain?

This really does depend on your diagnosis but if is related to your hip, usually you would expect your knee pain to subside with 2-3 treatments

However if you have an intrinsic knee diagnosis such as knee osteoarthritis or chronic tendinopathy it may be recommended that you undergo a short treatment program over 2 - 6 weeks comprising of cold laser therapy and rehabilitation exercises to do at home

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