Shoulder Pain

Shoulder Pain

What is causing my shoulder pain

It is important that your Chiropractor completes a thorough assessment of your shoulder to ensure that you are suitable for a conservative management program. Often we can use your history along with orthopaedic testing to ascertain the cause of your pain but sometimes an MRI and/or xray may be required.

Causes of shoulder pain can be related to soft tissue complaints such as bursitis, tendonitis or rotator cuff problems. Sometimes there are also capsular problems such as labral tears or osteoarthritis and your Chiropractor will be able to determine this with a thorough assessment.

What treatments are available for my shoulder pain?

At Bulimba Chiropractic we offer cold laser treatments in the first stages of shoulder pain to ease the pain and reduce inflammation. Once this is established, we write a specific rehabilitation program that you can do at home and monitor you in your recovery.

Recovery from a shoulder complaint can take anywere from 2 weeks to 6 weeks depending on your diagnosis.