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Exercise Rehab

Restoring and rebuilding

Functional rehabilitation is a crucial part of niki’s treatment, using chiropractic alone is not often sufficient for pain relief, especially if the complaint is chronic (greater than 3 months) in nature. Niki also believes that in an acute, first time injury, rehabilitation may play a strong role in preventing reoccurrence of the injury in the future.

Niki is also a Pilates Matwork instructor and so offers 1:1 Clinical Pilates sessions, looking at the basic of Pilates such as deep abdominal muscle contraction and breathing. She will usually offer 2 – 3 sessions prior to you joining a group class to ensure you are getting the most out of your pilates session. These sessions are 30 minutes in duration and charged at $85.00, you may be eligible for a health refund on this appointment.

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