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Activator Adjusting

Activator Methods: what is it?

Activator methods is a specific type of training based in USA using a form of spine analysis to determine which parts of your spine require an adjustment. Using a small tool which delivers a light thrust, these areas of the spine are encouraged to move freely resulting in less pain and inflammation around the joint

Niki at Bulimba Chiropractic is qualified in Basic Protocol Activator Methods adjusting which is suitable for babies to seniors and for those who prefer a lighter adjusting style

What does it do?

An activator is a small adjusting tool which delivers a light thrust to a dysfunctional joint. The adjustment results in relaxation of the ligaments and tendons around the joint with subsequent reduction in inflammation and pain within that joint.

What is the research and how can it help me?

There has been a lot of research into the actiavator adjusting tool. If you would like more information, please see the activator methods website: