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Soft Tissue Release

Easing pain from muscles, ligaments surrounding joints

The term soft tissue is used to describe ‘soft’ body structures such as muscles, ligaments, skin surrounding the joints.

Soft tissue therapy (STT) is an important component of Niki’s treatment. This is why her standard appointments are longer in duration. Niki believes that although adjusting the spine is paramount, treatment of the surrounding muscles aid in improved recovery after treatment.

Soft tissue therapy uses techniques such as trigger pressure release or active and passive stretching. Dry needling, kinesiology taping and instrument assisted soft tissue release techniques are also part of soft tissue therapy.

Niki uses all these techniques as part of her standard treatment for your care.

The benefits of STT are the following:

  • Improved blood flow to the muscle
  • Improved flexibility to a joint by reducing muscle tension
  • Reduction in pain created by the tight muscle or taut band
  • Improved quality of life: reducing pain gets you back to the life you want!

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