Are you looking for a new pillow and suffer with chronic neck pain?

I am often asked about the best choice of material for a pillow so I thought I would write a short blog to help you on your quest.

When we look for a material for a pillow we need something that is giving but also supportive. For back sleepers, you would need more of a contoured pillow and for side sleepers, i would recommend a lower, firmer pillow. Here are some of my favourite pillows with some common brands:

Latex: Latex pillows are quite firm with only a little amount of ‘give’. I usually recommend a thinner latex pillow for those with shorter necks that do not require a high  neck support. Downfalls of a latex pillow are they can be considered a littler firmer than other materials such as memory foam which may be uncomfortable but also they can store heat and so can be a little sweaty/hot. Upsides of the latex pillow is it is quite durable and can last 2 – 4 years.

Dunlopillo are a good example of a supportive latex pillow

Memory Foam: memory foam pillows are made to contour to your neck and provide gentle support while distributing weight evenly. From my own experience of memory foam, i find there is no give and so it can feel like you’re sleeping on a yoga block. Additionally, memory foam pillows aren’t as durable as the latex pillows.

Dunlopillow also make a Therapillo which is made of memory foam

Polyurethane: Now many people would question sleeping on a polymer or plastic type pillow but what I like about these pillows is they add both firmness and support that feels almost as if the pillow isn’t firm. The foam is covered with 100% cotton but also you can cover with your own protective cover if you’re worried about the material. The technology of a high quality urethane foam is that it does not bounce or rebound but just supports. This is why I recommend these types of pillows.

What actual pillow do I recommend?

Well pretty much all of my neck pain patients are recommended the Dentons Medirest Therapeutic pillow. Not only does this provide good support. It also has a small shoulder recess in the pillow to allow full cervical spine support from the bottom of the neck to the top. Additionally, these pillows also come with a 2 year warranty. When I first fell in love with these pillows I bought all my family members one for Christmas! This pillow is also great for both back and side sleepers due to the difference edges (high/low contour and small/big shoulder recess)

For more info on the Dentons medirest, see their website: